Meet NEXT Smart Chain —  a decentralized — community-controlled (DAO) — and ultrafast (300k TPS) blockchain.

In 2019 we deployed NEXT.chain which was built on Bitcoin core, where we layered on zDAG technology making it faster and cheaper. We have all seen recently that decentralized applications and smart contracts are evolving fast but with incredible high gas fees! A simple token transfer can cost $100 — a huge barrier to adoption whichever way you look at it.

After our extremely positive experience with the technology in NEXT.chain, and after looking at the strengths and weaknesses of other smart chains, we decided that deploying a new blockchain based on Ethereum allows us to take its strengths and add to them, whilst leaving all its weaknesses behind. This would allow us to massively improve on what is out there, whilst providing a great platform with familiar interfaces but with additional unique functionality, thus making it more attractive to new would-be Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain based projects. Being controlled by an EU-based community driven organization already established in the market would bring it legitimacy, whilst making it super easy to migrate from other smart chains and super easy to swap any ERC20 or BEP20 currencies in either direction would make it extremely open to adoption and migration from several huge global markets.

With that in mind, we started to build NEXT Smart Chain, which is a derivate of go-ethereum, added with layered zDAG technology. We launched NEXT Smart Chain on February 22, 2022, after intensive testing by many highly-experienced testers and our community. Since then it’s running stable and in mainnet.

NEXT Smart Chain is fully integrated with Metamask and performed blazingly fast transfers which cost less than a penny. The bridge, tokens creation and migration, smart-contracts, dApps, and validators are all integrated, tested, and rolled out sequentially on a cheaper, faster, and EVM-compatible blockchain.

See the video of instant transaction on NEXT Smart Chain.